It’s no secret that people love massage chairs, they bring so many health and wellbeing benefits to anyone who uses them! It’s easier than ever to relax at home and get rid of the pain you’ve been feeling with the right massage chair.

Within the Oceania region alone there are many massage chairs which have entered the market. So how do you know which massage chair is the best for you?

Out of the many price points and brands, as well as functionalities, we’ve made quick, short list of the five massage chairs that we think will be some of the best sellers in 2023.

Our list considers five main categories for which we have made a criterion for. In addition to choosing the best massage chair, we also will be choosing the best massage chair based on premium value, mid-tier massage chair, best value massage chair, and best entry level massage chair.

The Best Massage Chair of 2023 – The OGAWA Master Drive AI

OGAWA Master Drive A.I 2.0 Stormtrooper

PRICE: $13,500

The OGAWA Master Drive AI is undeniably our pick for the best massage chair of the year! While still donning the same massage chair frame which everyone is familiar with, it features the most advanced massage chair technology, most prominently its AI massage feature.

With its AI detection system, you can not only better understand where the pain is in your body, but also have a massage, that is made uniquely for your body! It’s just like a real masseuse!

As one of the only real AI massage chairs in the world, the OGAWA Master Drive AI can use a combination of 24 sensors and detectors to detect which part of your body needs what kind of massage.

The Master Drive AI massage chair does this to understand what pressure you need, whether or not you need heat, and how to press against your body.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the prominent features of the OGAWA Master Drive AI which makes it our best pick!


Real AI Technology

The AI technology in the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair is powered by a unique system, built by OGAWA themselves.

This AI massage system can not only collect biometric data on your pulse and oxygen levels, but use this data to determine the tightness and stress levels of five different parts of your back.

For example, in this massage mode, the AI can detect that your neck, in comparison to your lower back, is much tighter, and will show this in your scan results. It will then use this data to calculate a massage that is firmer on the neck, but softer on the lower back.

It’s just like a professional masseuse, all in one massage chair.

24 Precision Sensors

The AI massage programme collects its data through the 24 precision sensors in the massage chair frame. These help identify where exactly the massage chair needs to massage you, and helps locate where your body parts are.

By doing this, it makes sure that it gives each person a tailored massage, so no matter who in the family uses it, everyone gets just that right massage.

It even uses temperature and stress sensors to help determine which parts of your body need to be massaged more!

Sixth-Generation Microprocessors

Another feature of the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair is its unique M6 microprocessor.

The reason this is such a big deal is because it enables the massage chair to adapt to your body in real time!

It’s now easier than ever to adjust your massage and control it, and have it change the way it massages you instantly!

This means that you can now control the massage chair the way you want it, and get the massage you truly need.

If you’re interested, here’s a testimonial video from one of our customers who has bought our OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair. See it in action!

The Best Premium Value Massage Chair – The OGAWA Master Drive Plus

PRICE: $10,000

Next on our list happens to be OGAWA’s next best massage chair, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus. With great rolling, kneading, and stretching effects, it offers the best 4D full-body massage.

It has all the features of a high end massage chair, without anything extra on top!

If you’re looking for something that gives you the full range of control, with all the power you’d need, then this is the perfect massage chair for you.

One of the things we really love about this massage chair is the way it can do both Eastern and Western massage styles. You can enjoy that Thai massage that you’d love, as well as relax afterwards with a Swedish style massage.

The possibilities with this massage chair are virtually endless.

Here’s some of the features which we think make it so amazing.


4D Thermo Rollers

The 4D Thermo Rollers in the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair are made to help dig into your back, and loosen all your muscles. With the breathable fabric on the back and arm side, heat can easily disperse alongside your body, and help you loosen!

It’s just like the hands of a masseuse, except in a massage chair!

That’s why we like to call this massage chair one of the strongest, most powerful massage chairs. It knows exactly how to loosen your back, get those clicks and crunches out, and leave you feeling loose and relaxed!

3D Knee M+ Thermotherapy

To make this sound easy and simple, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair has a feature which allows the calf massager to move up towards your knees, and wrap them in a heated airbag massage.

It’s the perfect way to help ease tension around the tendons in your knees, without any pain or damage. This feature is highly sought out amongst people who are active, or suffer from arthritis.

When you feel the way this presses against your knees, you’ll feel so much better than from you sat in it!

To prove it, we’ve also found another testimonial from Irelax Australia, which shows another customers experience with the OGAWA Master Drive Plus!

The Best Mid Range Massage Chair – The OGAWA Cosmo-X

PRICE: $7,000


This OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair has been one of the dark horses of the massage chair industry, especially due to the fact that it provides some of the most relaxing, comfortable experiences, without needing  the same technology or mechanics as the rest.


Being released in 2022, this massage chair model has quickly seen popularity in the mid range section of the industry. It provides that full body experience that you’re looking for, with a wide, large cradle-type design.


It’s made for that perfect nap you need, while also getting a massage at the same time!


Here’s a list of features that make this so special!




Deep Sleep Technology


The deep sleep technology used in the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair includes wider and deeper seating, made for people to fall asleep easily!


It’s perfect for when you’ve just come home from work, or before you’ve gone to bed.


Some of our customers even joke that this could be their new bed!


Hall Detection System


Introducing OGAWA’s latest body detection system, the Hall Detection System, the Cosmo-X massage chair finds a newer way to help adapt to your body, and find where your neck, shoulders, hips, and waist are within seconds.


This way, the massage you get is perfectly matched to your body’s height and width!

The Best Value Massage Chair – The OGAWA Smart Reluxe

PRICE: $5,000


Here we have a personal favourite, the OGAWA Smart Reluxe. As a value class massage chair, it incorporates all the feature’s you’d need in a massage chair, all in a smaller, more compact build!


It’s light, it’s easy to move, and it’s got everything you need!  There’s no wonder why this was one of our top selling models of 2022, and most likely to probably be another best seller for 2023.


The best part of the OGAWA Smart Reluxe is its power. Despite being a 3D massage chair, it has a very deep massage roller reach, which can really press against your neck, shoulders, back and hips.


Best Feature:


Full Body Airbag Massage


For a massage chair this size, you wouldn’t expect it to still have all of the massage chair components, but you’d be wrong!


The massage chair comes with a total of 38 airbags to wrap you up, and keep you feeling nice and relaxed. It comes with 4 shoulder airbags, 14 forearms/hands airbags, 12 calf airbags, and 8 foot airbags.


You can get the massage chair you need, without the extra price tag you might be worrying about!

Here’s a testimonial of the OGAWA Smart Reluxe in action!

The Best Entry Level Massage Chair – The Good Massage GS200

PRICE: $3,500

The Good Massage brand is a recent entrant into the Oceania market, and has made a name for itself for it’s low price, high value models.

Their entry model, the GS200, is one of the lowest prices for a massage chair available. However, even with such a low price, it has one of the easiest user interfaces, and and still delivers the full body airbag massage experience.

It is compact, light, and even has a voice control feature which you can use! It’s got all the bells and whistle’s you’d need for such a well priced massage chair.  

This massage chair is suitable for various places, including offices, apartments, cramped houses, etc. Below are some amazing characteristics of the Good Massage GS200 massage chair.

Best Features

3D Airmatic Massage Experience

This massage chair has quiet and smart 3D-type massage rollers that roll and knead your back gently. It has some of the best performance at this price point!

You’re even able to control where the massage rollers are, and make it change massage modes with the remote!

Auto Detection

Good Massage GS200 has an automatic detection feature that helps in detecting where the shoulder is located! This means this massage chair can easily adapt to anyone that sits in it!

Easy to Use Remote:

The worst nightmare for anyone getting a new piece of technology is learning how to use it!

It’s like trying to figure out how to use the new TV remote!

But with this massage chair remote, you have a screen which you can navigate, with easy to understand labels, and a easy controller to pair!

Conclusion - What’s Your Best Massage Chair For 2023?

We’ve given you a list of our top 5 best massage chairs for 2023! Lots of popular models, such as the OGAWA Master Drive AI, and the OGAWA Master Drive Plus have made their way onto this list.


However, we also see some new entrants such as the OGAWA Smart Reluxe and the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair! With each massage chair having their own strengths and weaknesses!


When buying a massage chair, research is key! That’s the main reason that we’ve written this blog for you! We’ve got many videos for each of our massage chairs, which can help you understand why so many Australian’s love our massage chairs.


If you have any more questions, then feel free to contact our OGAWA Customer Support team at 1800 296 866 and we’ll be more than happy to help you further understand our massage chairs!

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10 Responses

  1. The stormtrooper color for the master drive ai looks amazing. Love how they offer a 36-month interest-free installment, perfect for students like me! Will definitely try the master drive ai in one of their showrooms.

  2. I’ve always wanted to get an OGAWA massage chair because I’ve heard some great things about them. However, I don’t know which model to get. There’s such a big difference in price so I really wanted to find out what makes the huge difference. This blog was really helpful and I ended up getting the master drive plus after reading about it and trying it in-store.

  3. I use the master drive ai every day. Literally can’t live without it anymore. 12k for your health is more than worth it.

  4. I’ve compared and tried multiple massage chair brands but OGAWA is by far the best one out of all of them. I’ve tried their master drive AI in their showroom and also tried other brands on the same day. Went back to irelax the next morning after a long night of contemplating and convinced myself that it’s worth the money. Had it for 2 months now and I can say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never slept better in my life and my body feels so relieved and energetic every day. Is it worth the big bucks though? 100% for your health.

  5. I’ve had the master drive plus for a month now and it really is what it describes to be. The massage feels like real hands and it’s firm and accurate. The Thai massage function is quite intense but my body feels so relieved afterwards.

  6. I’ve had the smart reluxe for 2 years now and I’m thinking of upgrading it to one of the master drives. I’ve gave irelax a call and they said they have trade-in service. They took my 2 years old smart reluxe and trade it in for the master drive plus. I saved a lot of money on my new massage chair with this service and irelax has been so helpful all along! Big shout out to irelax for their amazing after-sales service!

  7. I‘ve been OGAWA’s fan since 2010. Every time they come up with new technology, I would trade in my old massage chair for the new one. The new massage chair never disappointed me.

  8. Ogawa massage chairs are the best of the best. I’ve tried multiple massage chair brands on the market and nothing can compare to OGAWA’s master drive series. There are other massage chairs that are around the 10k price range but the massage is just not as good as OGAWA. OGAWA’s master drive ai’s technology is so accurate and smart. It pinpoints my acupuncture and no massage chairs can do that. I say it’s 100% worth its price.

  9. The OGAWA master drive series is the best therapeutic massage chair on the market. I’ve tried many different brands and nothing can compare. Highly suggest people who are looking for a therapeutic massage or have higher demands for massages give OGAWA a shot. It won’t disappoint you!

  10. Give it a try to the ogawa master drive AI, it will scan your whole body and then give you a result of what problem you have in your body. The AI Brain can be detect ur needs. Whatever happen the AI will do you a body result all you need to do is just follow the advice that the chair gave you.

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