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If you need to get in contact with the OGAWA Massage Chair Australia team, then this can be simply done through our partner Irelax’s email or phone number here:


OGAWA is a leading international health industry group that integrates Branding, Marketing, Research, Development, Manufacturing and Service. It developed and manufactures a series of healthy lifestyle products. With the mission of “providing customers around the world with healthier and better lifestyle”, the company has begun to transform from its beginning of purely “product manufacturing” to “product + service” models since 2011. Through the integrated value chain operation of “mining demand, serving customers, independent research and development, lean manufacturing and global marketing”, we keep evolving new health service values for customers.

OGAWA Australia's Licensing

OGAWA Australia is proud to announce having irelax Australia as exclusive distributor! With their expertise in global massage chair retailing, they are our most trusted and reliable partners! 

As part of a brand dedicated to making sure you get the best quality, we wanted to find a massage chair retailer that would give you quality service, after sales service, and warranty to back it up. When you shop with Irelax Australia, you can ensure that all of our massage chairs will have a 3 year warranty with them, as well as life time after sales service should anything go wrong.