Starting in 1996 by firms in the healthcare technology industry in Asia, OGAWA was created to help bridge the gap between accessible healthcare at home with relaxation and luxury. With our motto of ‘Feel the OGAWA difference’, we’re dedicated to giving you an irreplaceable experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

OGAWA's Healthcare Technology Background

OGAWA is one of the many companies which came out of a collaboration between many large Japanese and Chinese healthcare technology firms, such as Fuji, Fujimedic, and Medisana. These brands all strive under the same values, and have been giving quality healthcare services to people for over 25 years. 

Buying from OGAWA means buying from trusted manufacturers which place high emphasis on service, quality, and innovation. You not only get the trusted OGAWA reputation, but also experience the expertise of many other healthcare technology firms, and all of their research and development

OGAWA Outlet Store

The Rise to the Top of the Massage Chair Industry

24 Countries. Over 800 Outlets. 

That’s the scope we have achieved at OGAWA. In every country we sell, we provide the highest quality, most healthcare focused massage chairs available. OGAWA focuses highly on its research and development, with last year seeing over $30 Million USD, all to further improve the quality of the massage chairs, and deliver more health benefits. 

Feel the OGAWA Massage Chair Difference

How do you know that you’re buying a quality massage chair from us? Let us introduce you to the ISO 9001 certification that we proudly hold. 

The ISO is an independent quality management standard which helps products and services meet good quality thresholds across all areas of production and development. At OGAWA, we have the ISO 9001 certification which proves our quality meets global market standards, and ensures a strong product lifecycle for our massage chairs. This means that when you’re buying from OGAWA, you’re investing in a healthcare device which will take care of you for a very long time.

The OGAWA Massage Chair Difference is Worth It

If you’re looking to reduce your health problems, help relieve tension and stress, and improve the quality of your sleep, then having massages are essential. If you want to have these massages everyday, from the comfort of your own home, then buying an OGAWA massage chair is definitely worth it. 

We’ve finally come to Australia to introduce the luxurious OGAWA massage chairs to you, bringing Australians the best quality massage chairs possible.