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Omknee 2

Detach it. Share It. Love It.

Tired of feet pain? Want to enjoy the benefits of reflexology massages?
Look no further than Australia’s best foot massager at OGAWA!

Share the experience of a world class massage with someone else with the worlds first detachable leg and foot massager! With so many ways to enjoy a massage, don't compromise on getting the best for yourself.

World’s First Detachable Foot Massager

Creatively designed to expand beyond the traditional expectations of massage and rejuvenation, with its innovative design and detachable feature, the Omknee 2 opens up unprecedented possibilities, being the first of its kind to be able to operate both separately and independently. Happiness can now be shared.

Unique Design

True versatility at its finest. The Omknee 2 defies limitations to deliver relaxation and rejuvenation that can be shared with your loved ones.

Foot Massage Unit

The Master of Feet and Sole Reflexology. The Omknee 2’s massage rollers deliver deep and precise kneading in the arch of the feet for instant relief and improved blood circulation.

Versatile Massage Unit

The rechargeable function of the detached versatile massage unit enables you to enjoy a relaxing massage session everywhere. Rechargeability allows independent usage on upper thighs and even arms. Its powerful integrated airbags use compressions to soothe away pain and muscle soreness. You can use it to relax anytime, anywhere.

Omknee 2

Detach it. Share It. Love It.

No deposit, no interest

Enjoy up to 8 weeks interest free

Unlimited Massages for Approx. $124.9 per week