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OMG Foot Massager


Indulge in Reflexology Massage Therapy

Your Real A.I Intelligent Health Professional
Scientifically Analyse Your Body

Massaging Made Light and Easy

The OMG foot massager is lightweight, so you can easily move it from place to place, which contributes to high-grade design.

It comes with 3 simple programs for a complete night rest. Choose between relaxation mode, deep tissue, and a fast, quick kneading massage.

Take this massager with you, and enjoy a foot massage anywhere, anytime.

Acupressure Points Massage

The OMG foot massager incorporates a strategic stimulation of your acupressure points to improve blood circulation and promotes a variety of internal organ and joint health. Keep your feet at peak condition!

The O.M.G delivers acupressure point targeting five areas of your foot:

G1 - Forefoot:

Provides stability and supports pressure.

G2 - Arch of the feet
Responsible for supporting pressure and impact.

G3 - Heel

Provides balance and stability.

G4 - Bridge of the Feet
Responsible for upward and downward mobility.

G5 - Ankles:

Ensures the rotational flexibility of the foot.

Thermotherapy - 45 Degrees of Comfort

Experience heat therapy from the base of the feet for a complete muscle rejuvenation. Say goodbye to cold feet and enjoy a night of sweet dreams.

Airbag Compression Massage

The compression massage provides a deep layer of massage and locks the feet in position for a more effective feet kneading, achieving a total relaxation experience.

Precise Rollers

The massagers 3 built-in rows feature humanlike sensation rollers which precisely pinpoint the acupoint. These gradually improve blood circulation through kneading, rolling, Gua Sha, and airbag pressure massage for an overall energizing experience.


Thriving on maximizing every minute of the day, the workaholic finds great satisfaction in their careers and easily spend hours on end in front of their work devices. However energetic and determined they may be, an extra massage boost goes a long way.

The O. M. G delivers acupressure point targets the forefoot and instep arch effectively, improving blood circulation and revitalizing multiple internal organ health. Unlock the feeling of being at peak performance throughout the entire day.


As much as they love how the latest trends in fashion make them feel good, they often neglect their own health. Prolonged hours of walking, sitting, standing and carrying loads using improper footwear can result in health degradation in the long-run.

The O. M. G is bound to soothe you by relieving aches and pains felt in the forefoot and ankles instantly. With a consistent dose of reflexology, you can now indulge in your shopping sprees to your heart’s desires.


Adventurists thrive physically and mentally, as they immerse in new environments and discover the unknown. For the best experiences, maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul gets them where they want to be.

The O. M. G assures them peace of mind by giving them the rejuvenating boost they need to go the distance. Revitalize your soles for the road ahead, as the greatest of journeys begin with a single step.


Every athlete and fitness enthusiast understands that the journey towards their fitness goals is not easy. It requires relentless commitment and discipline. Each day is a challenge of finding the perfect balance between pushing the limits and effective recovery.

The O. M. G will be with you all the way. Heal faster and dive right back into your exercise regime after a quick blast of recovery with thermal massage therapy and airbag compression massages, capable of reducing muscle swelling almost instantly.


From restless moments to the extremes of insomnia, these individuals experience pangs of anxiety and find it difficult to be at peace.

They are the ones who are usually distracted with bottled-up thoughts and may experience mental or emotional stress. A good sleep or a moment to clear their mind is a luxury they wish to enjoy.

The O. M. G is a fully capable therapeutic massager that gives them a much-desired sliver of relaxation at any time in the day. Step into a haven that heals and calms the mind, body and soul.

OMG Foot Massager


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