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OGAWA Cosmo - Sky Traveller

redefine comfort by travelling through the dream space

Enjoy your personal massage chair capsule with the Cosmo massage chair, Australia’s sleekest massage chair design to date.

Explore the secret world of relaxation with the 9 phases of comfort.

– Deep Sleep: Using relaxing technology, the Cosmo helps you sleep comfortably

– Full Body Immersion: Feel Cosmo’s whole body human like massage experience with 3D massage technology

– Masseuse-like Massage: Enjoy a human like massage

– A.I Intelligence: Elevate your massage experience with A.I detection

– Hall: Use the ‘Hall’ wholistic detection system for a massage

– Track Upgrade: Uses a SL track to better fit your body

– Zero Gravity: Engineered to make your massage experience feel weightless

– 10 Auto Programs: Choose from 10 automatic massage programs at any time

– Bluetooth Speaker: Connect and listen to anything you want while you relax

Deep Sleep Technology

Release all your stress and enjoy a good nights rest. By adopting the design of a deep sleep space capsule, together with widened and deepened seating, its easier than ever to fall asleep while you enjoy your own massage.

– Cosmo’s Zero Gravity Capsule: Helps you rest easier

– Wider and deeper seating design: Helps you lie down and sleep during your massage

Ergonomic Zero Gravity Design, Made to Float

Let the Cosmo take you into the scientifically proven optimal Zero Gravity position to help you relax easiest. When your legs are positioned above your heart, your blood flow is maximised, and pressure is taken off your spine and joints. In this position, you can experience complete relaxation, and minimal body strain. The Cosmo comes with two Zero Gravity modes, Mode 1 helps softly rock you into the dream world. Mode 2 to help you stare into the sky

Sleep Easier with the SL Track:The extended 128cm SL track matches your body with a perfect fit to help you sleep easier. Its entire length helps target fatigue prone areas such as your neck, shoulders, back, and under your hips. With kneading, tapping, stretching, and rubbing techniques, prepare to have all your stress relieved.

Thai Stretch Massage – The Cosmo Massage Chair Speciality: Experience a Thai Massage style stretch with the Thai Stretch option, which activates the forefront of your thighs while stretching your back. With advanced coordination between 3D technology in combination with the massage chairs airbags, rollers, allows you to stretch your muscles and relax your tendons and bones.

The Cosmo Massage Chair’s Masseuse-like Massage

Using the industrial standard Hall detection system, the Cosmo massage chair pokes and presses against your back to build an individualised body map, helping it understand your body better than any masseuse.

– Automatically detects and scans your body

– Adjustable shoulder positioning

– Satisfies any body type

With the 3D advanced processing system, the Cosmo massage chair imitates the massage of a masseuse, understanding your body to make sure it gives you the best massage each time. With its intelligent capabilities, you can experience kneading massages, acupuncture point massages, beating massage techniques and more.

One Cosmo Massage Chair, Many Ways to Relax

With a special tailoring for sedentary people or office workers, the Cosmo massage chair comes with massage modes which are designed to help reduce strain, relieve stress and heal soreness with its massage modes.

Feel the massage track rub along your spine, open your shoulder and neck acupuncture points, tapping massages along the sides of your spine, and soft vibrations as you receive a fully comprehensive massage.

– Soft silicon massage roller heads delivers a gentle, human like massage feeling

– Feel deep tissue massages which press into the Fascia layer with over 11 different styles to experience

– Higher precision chipsets allow for precise point massages

– Use the S-Gear strength adjustment for a comfier massage

– Feel the triple width adjustment system to feel a wider massage reach and coverage

Whole body three-dimensional airbag wrap, automatic heating function

The 3D three-dimensional airbags cycle alternately to help the limbs at the end of the body to rejuvenate. -Shoulder airbags x4: stretch tight shoulders – Hand airbag x10: Relax mouse hand – Leg airbags x12: soothe the calf – Foot airbags x8: Clamp and relax your feet, warm and hot compress your waist and legs, ward off the cold and warm your body, relax your muscles, relax your whole body, and relax when you fall asleep When it is warm.

The Cosmo 3D Heating and Airbag Massage Experience:

Enjoy the simultaneous airbag and heating massages which help the muscles recover, rejuvenate and rest. Fall asleep while being warmed up to help you enter deep relaxation. The Cosmo Massage Chair features:

– 4 Shoulder Airbags, which help stretch tightened shoulder muscles

– 10 Hand Airbags, which help loosen and press sore wrists and hands

– 12 Leg Airbags, which help press and soothe the calves

– 8 Foot Airbags, which help warm and relax your feet.

A Combined Foot and Leg Massage Experience

Unlock the Gua Sha acupuncture point on the feet with our foot massage rollers, while having your calves pressed by the airbags for a fully stimulating leg and foot massage. Relax and unwind in the Cosmo massage chair after a long day, and relieve all tension in your legs and feet.

The Cosmo A.I experience makes your massage more personalised and intelligent

Packed with voice control, the Cosmo massage chair can make your massage experience that much more convenient and soothing.

– Features a wired hand controller for convenience

– A.I voice control

With 10 intelligent, automated recovery programs, there’s many ways to relax and enjoy a massage for yourself, all at the push of one button.

Experience the Cosmo’s exclusive:

– Exclusive Dream Mode

– Men’s Fitness Mode

– Queen’s Beauty Mode

– Shoulder and Neck Focus Mode

– Waist and Hip Relief Mode

– Relax and Stretch Mode

– Energising Morning Mode

– Sleeping Relaxation Mode

– Chinese Fitness Mode

– Thai Stretch Mode

Enjoy an Aural Relaxation Experience

Easily connect your phone to the Cosmo massage chairs Bluetooth speakers and relax while listening to a podcast, a peaceful soundtrack, or anything sound of your choosing!

Intricate Craftsmanship, Sleek Design

Take the Cosmo massage chair home with you, and enjoy its space capsule like design. Coming with environmentally friendly, high quality PU leather.

– Wear resistant, odor neutral, and breathable leather

– Finely stitched to promote longer material life

– 16cm telescopic adjustment for legs to suit taller people

– Space saving design allows safe functionality from only 6cm away from a wall

– Removable headrest cushion, control whether you want a softer or deeper neck massage

– Removeable foot pads, to reduce or increase the pressure from the foot massage rollers

– Storage pockets, to help store your phone and other small items while you relax

– The rear base design allows for the simple moving around of the massage chair

OGAWA Cosmo Sky Traveller

Redefine comfort by travelling through the dream space.

No deposit, no interest

Enjoy up to 36 months interest free

Unlimited Massages for Approx. $41.66 per week