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Sheer Elegance, understated strength

Equipped with a superior massage mechanism and enhanced high-tech massage modes, OGAWA MYsofa can effortlessly elevate your massage experience

Your Real A.I Intelligent Health Professional
Scientifically Analyse Your Body

L-track comfort from neck to calf

MYsofa features a 93.5cm-long L-massage track for extended pleasure from your neck to calves. Experience the touch of a professional masseuse targeting all parts of your body. Say goodbye to sore, tired muscles and say hello to a relaxed and refreshed you as you experience a selection of 4 automated massage programmes, 5 human-like massage techniques and the mechanism of a professional massage chair.

Experience Zero Gravity Massage

The zero gravity position (126 degrees +/- 7 degrees), where your knees are elevated in parallel with your heart, is the ergonomically correct resting position. This is the perfect position to enjoy a massage because this is when pressure on your body, especially on your spine and back, is at its minimum. Choose from two settings to enjoy two different zero gravity massage experiences.

Rocking Function

MYsofa is designed with a light rocking mode, which replicates the natural motions of a cradle to soothe and calm your soul as you feel like a baby once again.


The 4 airbags, 2 fitted on each side of your hips, can effortlessly shape your waist and lift your hips.

Precise massages

Enjoy full control over the massage functions to your liking with specific functions such as Spot Massage and Partial Back Massage.

Oscillating function

The MYsofa features a specialised vibrating function that focuses on your calves, immediately relieving sore gastrocnemius muscles.


Sheer Elegance, understated strength

No deposit, no interest

Enjoy up to 36 months interest free

Unlimited Massages for Approx. $16.02 per week