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Master Drive Plus Limited Edition

The path to mastery is one of progression, ensuring that perfection is always perfected

Combining the best of holistic Eastern medicinal therapy with innovative technology for the ultimate head-to-toe relaxation.

The all-new OGAWA Master Drive Plus is a testimony to massage expertise and the legacy of Japanese Technology

Engineered with the combined wisdom of Eastern medicine and Japanese technology. Master Drive Plus is a revolutionary massage chair model made to give you the best massage experience.

Eastern Medicine Wisdom

Experience the fusion of the Tui Na + Acupuncture medicinal therapy methods through one massage chair.

The Master Drive Plus utilises an integration of this Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manipulative therapy with acupuncture, focusing on treating chronic muscle pain and restoring health and vitality.

In addition with Chinese Chiropractic and Spinal Therapy, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus combines the protocols into the massage chair cater massages to improve flexibility as well as other general health improvements.

Japanese Massage Chair Technology

The massage chair utilises OGAWA’s 5th generation microprocessor which quickly responds and accurately adjusts massage programmes at your command, redefining massage accuracy to the next level.

With control accuracy and increased computing capability, the microprocessor is able to delegate and coordinate each command with smooth and sophisticated control to achieve the multidimensional massage experience and unlock the 4D massage experience.

OGAWA's 8 Sets of Precision Sensors

OGAWA’s Master Drive Plus integrates 8 sets of sensors: temperature, position, strength, coverage, motor speed, acceleration and responsive feedback.

These sensors, when integrated with the Automatic Acupuncture Point Detection TechnologyTM deliver a humanised 4D experience to target upper and lower body acupuncture points, helping relieve back pain.

In combination with an extra-long L track, the high speed, high precision closed loop system allows the massage coverage to span from the neck all the way to the hips.

Gen 5 4D Thermo-Rollers

The OGAWA Master Drive Plus features an upgraded thermal control for a more comfortable and realistic spa experience. Its roller ejection enters up to 100mm for deeper acupressure massage with 38% more intensity. The Master Drive Plus also features a 185mm ultra-wide massage with 37% wider massage range for a more realistic human-hand feel.

3D Knee M+ Thermotherapy

The Master Drive Plus helps alleviate knee pain with its advanced 3D knee thermotherapy. One of the most important joints of the body, our knees, are vulnerable to stress and injuries. With the thermotherapy functionality, slip into total relaxation with a tailored massage programme and treat your knees with the much needed love and care.

The new and improved massage programme uses thermal airbags to target the Xue Hai and Liang Qiu acupressure points in the knees to regulate blood circulation and liver function, as well as to relieve gastric and bloating discomfort.

Rapid Air Pressure System (NEW)

The Master Drive Plus includes a complete full pressurisation in 0.3 seconds to achieve the effect of pulsating massage and to simulate the pressing sensation of the human hands.

Special Feature: Calf Pressure Massage:

The embedded rollers are extendable up to 10cm upwards and 18cm downwards along the calves and ankles with thermal airbags for leaner legs and better blood circulation.

Master Drive Plus

The path to mastery is one of progression, ensuring that perfection is always perfected

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