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Estilo Prime Plus

A Greater Massage Experience

Experience a massage chair experience that’s both portable and features enhanced roller positioning.

Packed with improved acupoint targeting and a 3-point simultaneous massage touchpoint system, you gain increased adaptability for your massage treatments.

The Estilo Prime Plus is the latest upgrade to the range of full back massagers. Indulge in a greater experience at home or in the office at anytime

Deep Tissue Massage Experience

The Estilo Prime Plus’s deep kneading thermal rollers rotate and protrude, delivering a 3D deep tissue experience, effectively soothing the neck and shoulder area, down to your lumbar and lower back.

Enhanced Roller Positioning

With adjustable roller heights, the Estilo Prime Plus enables precise sore spot targeting, suitable for people of different height.

Improved Acupuncture Point Targeting

Acupoint Targeting Technology ensures maximum massage effectiveness, stimulating the flow of Chi(qi) energy, for a holistic experience.

3-Point Simultaneous Massage

With synchronized ergonomic massage rollers, the Estilo Prime Plus targets both neck and back simultaneously. Using the vibration mode from the massage seat helps delivers therapeutic sensations from lower thighs up to the neck.

Estilo Prime Plus

A Greater Massage Experience

No deposit, no interest

Enjoy up to 8 weeks interest free

Unlimited Massages for Approx. $62.37 per week